Simon Cowell ‘Under Pressure’ From ITV Bosses To Drop Louis Walsh From ‘The X Factor’

Simon Cowell is apparently being pressured by ITV bosses to drop Louis Walsh from the judging panel on the next series of ‘The X Factor’.

Louis has been a judge on the singing show since it launched in 2004, though while Simon is reportedly keen to keep him on for this year’s series, ITV bosses are hoping they can change his mind, in yet another bid to shake up the show.

simon cowell louis walsh

Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh

An ITV source told The Sun: “What we’ve said is we want the panel to be as strong as it can be and if that means getting rid of people who have been on it before, so be it.

“The show is going through a creative renewal with Simon and Cheryl Cole back, so it’s only right we make it as good as we can.

“It’s not just Simon’s show – it’s ITV’s, so we have a big say.”

louis walsh the x factor

Louis’s future on ‘The X Factor’ is still not certain

Simon recently spoke about his desire to keep Louis on the panel, but admitted that Cheryl – who announced back in March that she was returning to ‘The X Factor’ after quitting the show in 2010 – was less keen on the idea.

Louis himself has also previously said he was confident that he would be returning for the 11th series of ‘The X Factor’, which begins filming in June.

It’s not yet known who will make up the rest of the panel, as last year’s judges Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne have all confirmed they won’t be coming back to the show.

It was reported last week that former Spice Girl Mel B was a strong favourite for the job, after making an impression during a guest spot back in 2012.

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  • Miley Cyrus

    She’s the girl everyone’s talking about, so getting Miley on the panel would certainly generate some buzz around the show, and despite her age Miley has been in the industry for long enough that she could dish out some good advice. More importantly, though, we just like the idea of the bad contestants being knocked off the stage by Miley swinging in on her wrecking ball…

  • Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson and Louis Walsh on live television. Together. Need we say more?

  • Katie Hopkins

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Katie Hopkins is going anywhere any time soon, so we might as well put her acid tongue and incessant put-downs to good use and stick her on the ‘X Factor’ panel. True, she doesn’t technically know anything about music but then what does she really know about immigration? Or obesity? Or debt? And she certainly doesn’t mind clattering us round the head with her views on those issues, does she?

  • Eric Cowell

    Admittedly his motor skills might not be good enough to mentor a whole category, but then if Louis Walsh can do it for a decade how hard can it be? And besides, how cute would father-and-son look next to each other in the panel in their matching high-waisted trousers? Awwwww…

  • Jake Bugg

    We know this is wrong of us to say, but after claiming it’s his “job” to keep “‘X Factor’ s*** from the top of the charts” we can’t help but feel there’d be something quite satisfying about watching Jake Bugg cashing his million pound cheque, sitting next to Cheryl Cole and telling a 20-year-old hairdresser “you know, you made that your own” while he’s blasted with a confetti cannon. Or maybe that’s just us…

  • Björk

    If there’s one thing ITV needs, it’s a woman as unpredictable and outrageous as Björk on live TV twice a week. Just watching her trying to have a conversation with Cheryl Cole would be worth tuning in for, let alone seeing the moment she revealed to her category that her special guest at judges’ houses was her imaginary friend.

  • James Arthur

    The problem with someone as friendly and lovable as James Arthur is how could he possibly find anything negative to say? He’s so used to putting nonstop good vibes out there and tweeting only the most positive things that how could he possibly put anyone down? Isn’t he the sweetest?

  • Shia LaBeouf

    This might seem like an odd choice, but Shia is going to extremes these days to convince us he’s not famous anymore – and what better place for someone who isn’t famous anymore is there than the ‘X Factor’ judging panel (Dannii? Tulisa? See our point?) Better yet, rather than delivering his critiques Shia could simply write something on the paper bag on his head. He’d have to write nice and small to fit “you really made that song your own” on there, but we’re sure he’d find a way. Perhaps he could even have a special red one for when it’s time to take things to deadlock.

  • Statler and Waldorf

    They’ve been dishing out their critiques for free for years now, so it seems only fair Simon Cowell should throw a bit of dosh in the direction of Statler and Waldorf to get their cherished putdowns on ‘The X Factor’. If you thought Simon was harsh, just wait…

  • Christopher Biggins

    First of all – who is more showbiz than Christopher Biggins? After his long career he’s bound to have some strong opinions for the contestants. And if you thought Tom Jones’s name-dropping on ‘The Voice’ was bad, can you imagine what Biggins would be like? “It’s funny, your performance of Rita Ora’s song reminds me of when I was having lunch with Cilla the other day…”

  • Wagner

    Acts like Olly Murs and Alexandra Burke have been named as great potential judges in the past because they’re ex-contestants who will know how the new batch of hopefuls are feeling better than anyone. A nice thought – but if any former star is returning to the show there’s only one man for the job in our eyes, Wagner. In fact, we honestly wouldn’t mind if Wagner was the only judge this year. Cheryl may be the haircare expert, but it’s Wagner whose luscious locks we really want back on our screens on a Saturday night.

  • Sinitta

    Dannii, Cheryl, Sharon, Tulisa… she’s seen them come and she’s seen them go (and in a couple of cases she’s seen them go and then come back again). Surely it’s about time that Simon promoted Sinitta from “judges’ houses consultant” to fully-fledged ‘X Factor’ judge. If anyone knows how the show works by now it’s Sinitta – and can you imagine the household objects she could piece together to make her outfits every week?

  • Kanye West

    Kanye is everything you need to be a great ‘X Factor’ judge. He’s A-list, he knows his stuff and he’s one of the most opinionated musicians in the world. Could you imagine getting through boot camp and not being in his category for judges’ houses, though? “Sorry you don’t get to go to Kanye’s mansion, but all aboard the coach to Louis’s house. Hooray!”

  • Geri Halliwell

    The sight of Geri Halliwell on top of a car, megaphone in hand in an attempt to rally the masses into supporting her becoming a full-time ‘X Factor’ judge during the 2012 series is something that will stay with us forever. A whole series of this would be absolutely priceless. Plus, if her stint on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ gave us a music video as unashamedly awful as the one she made for her 2013 single <a href=””>Half Of Me</a>, we can only imagine what she could dream up as a judge on ‘The X Factor’ in her home turf.

  • Dannii Minogue

    Come on now, Dannii. Simon is back. Cheryl is back. Louis is probably back. You know it makes sense, girl. We know your lucrative singing career takes up a lot of your time, but we’re sure you could move something around to squeeze in an ‘X Factor’ comeback? You know you want to.


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(Source: huffingtonpost)


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