Anthea Turner Admits Grant Bovey Split Led To Hair Loss, But Says She ‘Will Love Again’

Anthea Turner has revealed that the breakdown of her marriage last year had negative effects in her health, which included severe loss and even hair loss.

The former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter revealed back in June that she and her husband Grant Bovey were splitting up, reportedly after she discovered he’d been unfaithful to her while she was filming in Canada.

anthea turner

Anthea Turner

She has now opened up to Hello! magazine about how badly she was affected by the split, revealing: “When you’re going through a stressful time, you either hit the biscuit tin or go the other way.

“I went the other way and didn’t eat. I’m 5ft 6in and used to weigh around 9st, but last year I went down to 8st – I looked really scraggy.”

anthea turner

Anthea and Grant during their marriage

Anthea also admitted the stress of the ordeal got to her, telling the magazine: “The lack of sleep was the worst part. I slept for only about three hours a night as my mind was racing all the time and I just couldn’t switch off.

“My skin looked grey and became very dry, as though it had lost all its life.

“My hair also started breaking off. My hairdresser Lino ran his fingers through my hair one day and there was a whole chunk missing.”

However, despite the distress of her love split, the presenter says she is now looking to the future, adding: “I am an eternal optimist and I will love again. Although it’s been the toughest two years of my life, I’ve learnt so much from it all.”

Anthea married Grant back in 2000, with the two notoriously posing with chocolate bars as part of a sponsorship deal during the reception.

anthea turner

Read Anthea’s full interview in Hello! magazine, out now.

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