‘Friends’ Final Episode: Where Would The Gang Be 10 Years Later?

We can’t quite believe it but it’s now officially a decade since the last episode of ‘Friends’ aired (yes, that’s ten actual years). We still remember settling down for the night with a tin of Quality Street, unplugging the landline to avoid being disturbed – it was 2004, after all – and waving goodbye to Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross for the final time, after they had quite literally “been there for us” for a decade.

In the show’s emotional climax, we finally got to see the gang each get what they’ve always wanted. Phoebe walked away with her new husband (played by the handsome Paul Rudd).

Monica and Chandler started a new life in the suburbs with their twin babies. Ross and Rachel finally put the past behind them and moved forward as a couple, and lucky Joey got his own widely-panned spin-off that ran for about five minutes.


Are you singing the theme tune in your head? No… no, us neither…

Then, they all left Monica’s home arm-in-arm for the final time, in what was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of modern television.

While Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc have both been adamant that a ‘Friends’ reunion will never happen, the idea the group getting back together got us thinking about what the characters might be doing now.

Here’s what we think the gang would be up to in the present day…

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  • Monica Geller – Courteney Cox

    Famously highly-strung, Monica would now have discovered a new zen way of life after raising twin babies with no one but Chandler for company out in the suburbs. The rest of the gang don’t come around as much when Chandler’s not home, because Monica makes them do shots of wheat grass and listen to whale sounds.

  • Chandler Bing – Matthew Perry

    After moving out to the suburbs with his wife and twin babies, we’re expecting Chandler to have really settled down and, would now spend his days leaving work at 5pm sharp, playing catch in his backyard and wondering aloud: “Could I BE anymore of a good dad?”

  • Phoebe Buffay – Lisa Kudrow

    Now a multi-millionaire after a David Guetta remix of ‘Smelly Cat’ – featuring vocals from Sia and a guest rap from Pitbull – became an unexpected dance-floor smash.

  • Joey Tribbiani – Matt Le Blanc

    In ‘Friends’ spinoff ‘Joey’ we all saw (because, of course, we all watched it) Joey head off to California to chase his acting dream. Well… unfortunately that didn’t work out. We’re expecting now that Joey lives in Monica and Chandler’s basement. We’re also expecting they don’t know anything about it.

  • Rachel Green – Jennifer Aniston

    Presumably working some class of high-power fashion job in-between raising her 12-year-old daughter (yep, Emma would be 12 now…), we think Rachel would be pretty happy with her lot in life, though we might think twice before talking about Brad Pitt around her…

  • Ross Geller – David Schwimmer

    Still adamant that he and Rachel were on a break.

  • Gunther – James Michael Tyler

    Staged a successful protest to stop Central Perk being turned into a Starbucks. He can still occasionally be found in the bushes outside Ross and Rachel’s house. You know, for old times’ sake.

  • Janice – Maggie Wheeler

    Still surprising Monica and Chandler everywhere they go, with a shriek of “OH MY GOD” every single time, of course.


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