‘EastEnders’ Spoiler! Ben Hardy Questions Whether Peter Murdered Lucy Beale

‘EastEnders’ actor Ben Hardy has given his thoughts on the soap’s ongoing ‘Whodunnit’ plot – though his comments won’t help fans who are trying to work out who killed Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater).

The actor insisted that he has no idea who’s responsible for his on-screen sister’s murder, adding that he wouldn’t be able to keep schtum if he knew the killer’s identity.

ben hardy

Ben Hardy

“I don’t know who the killer is,” Ben said during an appearance on ITV show ‘Lorraine’. “None of the cast know. It’s just four people upstairs, as far as I know!

“It would be hard to keep it a secret, anyway.”

Although producers are keeping the cast in the dark, Ben doesn’t think his character Peter Beale is responsible.

“I can’t imagine that he would do that to his sister,” he explained. “I can’t believe that there’s enough motive.”

Fans still have months to wait before finding out who the killer is, although Ben reckons this won’t put people off tuning in.

“We’ll keep you interested with various red herrings,” he explained.

ben hardy hetti

Ben and Hetti Bywater at the 2014 National Television Awards

The 23-year-old actor recently attracted attention off-screen after appearing shirtless on the cover of Attitude magazine, though he claims he isn’t sure why people think he’s hot.

“It’s strange because I don’t really think of myself as a heartthrob,” he told presenter Lorraine. “It doesn’t seem right!

“Maybe they like Peter because he’s a nice lad.”

Yep, that’ll be why, Ben. Definitely.

The ‘EastEnders’ cast are no closer to finding out who murdered Lucy and producers are going to make sure the revelation remains a surprise by filming 15 different endings.

Max Branning has been acting awfully suspiciously lately and viewers recently saw him delete evidence of his affair with Lucy from a CCTV camera.

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  • Lauren Branning Motive: BFFL Lucy has been rubbing belly buttons with Lauren’s Dad Max. Enough said.

  • Billy Mitchell Motive: Lucy hasn’t very nice to poor Billy and we reckon he could finally snap and actually react to someone’s mickey-taking for once.

  • Lady Di Motive: This mutt is the shadiest newcomer of them all, just look at that face. There’s darkness in those eyes, y’know.

  • Whitney Dean Motive: Newcomer Lee Carter chooses Lucy over Whitney, which in Soap world means she has more than enough of a reason to bump off her former pal.

  • Danny Pennant Motive: He bedded and then betrayed Lucy earlier in the year before dashing off – but could he come back and murder the youngster? We’ve seen more ridiculous things happen before.

  • Max Branning Motive: We all felt a bit queasy when it was revealed that Max was Lucy’s secret lover and when we stopped feeling green we released that this HAS to make him suspect number one, surely?

  • Dot Cotton Motive: She’s been lending a sympathetic ear to the residents of E20 for longer than we can remember. Everyone has to crack at some point.

  • Peter Beale Motive: He’s been fed up of coming second to sister for a while now so it’s definitely possible that Peter could finally reach breaking point and get rid of his sister.

  • Phil Mitchell Motive: Has there ever been a murder that Phil isn’t in some way related to? No, exactly.

  • Cindy Williams (Beale) Motive: Cindy reveals a jaw-dropping secret about Lucy just before her shock death, perhaps the pair get involved in a fight with tragic consequences?

  • Tracey Motive: Well, it’s about time she got a proper story line, isn’t it? Also, we’ve definitely seen her giving Lucy the evil eye occasionally.

  • Ian Beale Motive: He’s has to listen to Lucy’s whining, deal with her problems and clear up her mess for the last 20 or so years. How many more trials can their father-daughter relationship take?

  • Mick Carter Motive: Danny Dyer’s characters always kill people. We’ve seen his films and reckon Danny must make sure there’s a murder plot in store before signing up to any project.

  • Aleks Shirov Motive: We’ve already seen his nasty side but we think there’s more to this shady character, who is currently dating Roxy Mitchell. A definite one to watch.

  • Lee Carter Motive: The newest addition to the Square wasted no time in bedding Lucy and hooking up with Whitney. He’s an ex-Army lad so he could probably take down the young business woman – and stay calm enough to clear up the mess afterwards.


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