Katie Price To Divorce Kieran Hayler? We Take A Look At Her Romantic History So Far…

It’s looking an awful lot like it could be curtains for Katie Price and Kieran Hayler’s 15-month marriage, after a string of angry tweets were posted on the star’s Twitter page that would suggest she was divorcing him.

The former glamour model married Kieran – a builder and occasonal stripper, naturally – in January 2013 in a private ceremony in the Caribbean, and later gave birth to their son, Jett. It’s since been reported that Katie is expecting the couple’s second baby, though she didn’t realise until six months into her pregnancy.

kieran hayler

Is Katie Price divorcing Kieran Hayler after 15 months of wedded bliss?

However, while they may have seemed like a happy couple it’s now emerged things mightn’t have been as rosy as they first appeared, with allegations surfacing on Katie’s official Twitter page that Kieran had been unfaithful with her best friend.

If the posts are actually from Katie rather than a cyber-hacker, this will be her third divorce in a decade, having previously been married to Peter Andre following a whirlwind romance that kicked off in the kangaroo testicle-laden jungle on ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here’, before turning her attention to cage fighter and “actor” (though, let’s be clear, we’re using that term loosely) Alex Reid.

katie price peter andre

Katie Price and her ex-husband Peter Andre

But Pete and Alex aren’t the only two famous faces to have cropped up in Katie’s romantic back catalogue. Here are some of the other celebs to have romanced La Price in the past…

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  • Frank Lampard

    Katie says to have never gone “all the way” with Frank (how charming), but claims the two had a fling earlier in their respective careers. In 2009 she even told Glamour: “There’s actually quite a few little footies I’d do. I’d probably go back to Frank Lampard, finish what I started.” Poetry in motion

  • Teddy Sheringham

    Frank isn’t the only footballer Katie’s been with in the past, as her childhood sweetheart revealed in an interview in 2011 that he was devastated when Katie cheated on him with Teddy Sheringham. He later dated Katie’s friend Danielle Lloyd.

  • Warren Furman

    Kelly Brook isn’t the only star with a taste for ‘Gladiators’, as Katie dated Warren Furman, better known as ‘Ace’ on the 90s Saturday night entertainment show, for two years until they split in 1998. Warren later revealed that he thinks Katie enjoys “grinding men down” emotionally.

  • Gareth Gates

    When Katie revealed to the press that she’d had a fling with ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up Gareth Gates – who was 17-years-old at the time – he denied the claims, though later admitted that he had been with Katie for around “three or four months”. During an appearance on ‘The Big Reunion’ he claimed she “ruined” his career, though in her defense we don’t think it was Katie who forced him to do a charity duet with The Kumars/

  • Ralf Schumacher

    Racing driver Ralf denies ever having been involved with Katie, though she says they had a three-year affair.

  • Dwight Yorke

    Katie dated footballer Dwight Yorke, and he later fathered her first child Harvey, though the former glamour model says they have no relationship and as recently as 2013 claimed Dwight was “missing out” by not seeing his son.

  • Danny Cipriani

    Kelly Brook was furious when Katie revealed in her book ‘Love, Lipstick And Lies’ in 2013 that she had briefly dated her then-boyfriend Danny Cipriani in 2011, dumping him after she found him in bed with another woman.

  • Dane Bowers

    Katie was also lucky enough to date former Another Level singer Dane Bowers. Their relationship is probably most famous because of the much-shared sex tape that stemmed from it, though we’d honestly rather not think about that if you don’t mind…

  • Peter Andre

    Probably the most famous of Katie’s relationships, the loved-up pair met on ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ and after marrying in 2005 became ITV2’s equivalent of the Royal Couple. Unfortunately, they ultimately divorced just days before their fourth wedding anniversary, and their relationship since has been frosty to say the least.

  • Alex Reid

    Not long after splitting from Peter, Katie began dating wild child cage-fighter and occasional actor Alex Reid, marrying him just days after he was crowned winner of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. They ultimately divorced, with Katie branding their marriage a “rebound” in 2014.

  • Leandro Penna

    Despite the language barrier between them, Katie announced in April 2012 that she was engaged to Argentinian model Leandro Penna, who she’d met at the Oscars, of all places. Just six months later Katie revealed they’d “mutually” decided to end their engagement.

  • Kieran Hayler

    Which brings us back to Kieran, a builder and occasional stripper who Katie married in a private ceremony in the Caribbean back in January 2013. Shortly after giving birth to his son Jett – Katie’s fourth child – they unknowingly conceived another baby, with Katie not realising she was expecting until six months into her pregnancy. Around this time, tweets were posted on Katie’s Twitter account claiming he’d been sleeping with her best friend and that they were divorcing…


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