Miley Cyrus Slams Drug Overdose Rumors, Says She’s the “Poster Child for Good Health”

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Miley Cyrus is back to twerking her butt off and standing up for herself.

The 21-year-old, who resumed her Bangerz Tour in London tonight after several weeks off following a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, looked to set reporters straight at a press conference at O2 Arena before she went onstage.

Starting with that whole, was-she-really-hospitalized-for-drugs rumor.

“I didn’t have a drug overdose,” Miley said, according to multiple reports. “I took some sh–ty antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.”

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Miley Cyrus, Instagram” alt=”Miley Cyrus, Instagram”/>Instagram

“I’m feeling good, I’m alive—so that’s f–king awesome,” the “Wrecking Ball” artist continued.

In fact, she added, “I’m the poster child for good health.”

“I’ve been laying down for three weeks. I’m gonna go off—I’m like a star waiting to explode,” Miley promised before indeed going off like a supernova, at one point encouraging the members of the audience to engage in a makeout sesh with the person next to them.

“There is nothing I would rather not do than lay in a bed for two weeks,” she added. “It was the most miserable two weeks of my life.

She was out of the hospital by April 24, after which a brief setback kept her from traveling for a few extra days. But now Miley is feeling “better than ever.”

Miley Cyrus, Instagram” alt=”Miley Cyrus, Instagram”/>Instagram

“I’m on this crazy vitamin rush and crazy honey and lavender. I learned a lot about taking care of yourself [while she was laid up],” she added. “I’m probably the only one on this tour who doesn’t drink or smoke before a show, as I take this really seriously. It’s almost like being an athlete being up here, because if someone was f–ed up, they definitely couldn’t do my show.” 

Which is not to say, however, that she wasn’t planning on putting the F-word to good use.

“I’m gonna f–k this place up,” Miley promised, referring to her O2 surroundings. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun. We’re gonna be, like, tops off, f—king screaming.”

And so she was.

Miley Cyrus” alt=”Miley Cyrus“/>Simone Joyner/Getty Images

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