Miley Cyrus and Seth Rogen Tweet Each Other About Singer’s Knee Resembling the Comic Actor’s Face

Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogan” alt=”Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogan”/>Getty Images

Well, now that you mention it…

While checking out pics of Miley Cyrus performing with a variety of inflatable objects at London club G.A.Y. over the weekend, somebody with the Instagram account @f–kjerry couldn’t help but notice that the 21-year-old’s knee bears a striking resemblance to…Seth Rogen?!

To prove it, the person went so far as to post a shot of Cyrus on stage with an inset of the middle of her leg.

“Apparently my knee is my #MCM @Sethrogen evil twin,” the singer tweeted to the Neighbors star along with a link to the photographic evidence.

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Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogan Knee” alt=”Miley Cyrus, Seth Rogan Knee”/>Jo Hale/Redferns via Getty Images

Rogen, in turn, replied—and couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a reference to marijuana.

“@MileyCyrus you know why knees are the best body parts? They’re joints! (I’m sorry. I had to),” he joked.

Meanwhile, Cyrus also took to Twitter on Tuesday to clear the air after many fans assumed her expletive-filled rant during her show at G.A.Y. was about ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

“just FYI what I said the other night at G.A.Y. had nothing to do with Liam. I was just trying to rile up the boys,” she wrote.

“I don’t usually respond to tabloidy stuff but this isn’t something I want being spread around. It sounded hateful but not what I meant,” Cyrus added. “I never want hateful things being said about those I care about… I was just tooooo turnttttt up.”

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