Miley Cyrus is Still Heartbroken Over Her Dog Floyd’s Death – Read Her Touching Letter Here!

Miley Cyrus</a> is Still Heartbroken Over Her Dog Floyd's Death - Read Her Touching Letter Here!

Miley Cyrus has a case of the blues according to some Instagram pictures she posted Saturday afternoon (May 17) in Dublin, Ireland.

The 21-year-old performer opened up to her fans about what’s got her posting so many “sad selfies.”

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“Sad pupils are beautiful too…. humans. We looooove to feel sorry for ourselves don’t we,” Miley wrote and posted as a picture on Twitter. “I was Floyd‘s mommy. I don’t know when the regret and the guilt will fade…I don’t know if it ever well. I feel like I let my boy down. My job was to protect him & I’m not a person that takes failure lightly. Death lightly. Love lightly. Everything I do I do to the fullest…My baby is gone & it’s out of my control.”

Read the full text inside

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(Source: Just Jared)


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