Miley Cyrus Posts Emotional, Heartbroken Note on Floyd: “My Baby Is Gone”

Miley Cyrus Floyd message” />

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Miley Cyrus mourned her beloved dog Floyd’s death in a long message to fans on Saturday.

The pop star had already said she was “sad” and “cranky” earlier in the day before posting the lengthy, emotional letter in which she referred to the pet as her “baby” and expressed “regret” and “guilt” that she’d failed to protect him.

Accompanied by a close-up picture of her eye, Cyrus wrote, “Sad pupils are beautiful too… humans. we loooooove to feel sorry for ourselves don’t we… i’ve read we are one of the only species (among dolphins, pigs, some primates) that have sex for pleasure, but I would bet we are the ONLY creatures that put ourselves thru pain for pleasure.”

She then said that she was “choosing to be that selfish human” on Saturday, thinking about “all my shoulda, coulda, wouldas” and “asking why would the world take my sweet boy from me?”

See Cyrus’ full message below.

What do you think about what she says?

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(Source: gossipcop)


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